Blog + Press August 2015

Coworking Visionaries Weigh In on the Future of the Movement

Posted on August 28, 2015 by Liz Elam in Community, Coworking, Coworking Trends, Press

By Cat Johnson // Ten years ago this month, coworking was born in San Francisco when Brad Neuberg set up some card tables and invited people to work alongside him. There are now over 3,000 coworking spaces worldwide. Countless people have helped coworking become a global movement. Shareable reached out to some of these visionaries to find out what they’ve learned in the past 10 years, what the future of coworking will bring, and what challenges the movement faces. Weighing in… Read More »


Posted on August 7, 2015 by Liz Elam in Beginnings, Coworking, Coworking Trends

We often talk about pivoting in Coworking. If something isn’t working or feeling right, you have to make some moves. We recently had to pivot at GCUC. We were so excited to bring GCUC to South America that we set a very aggressive date. We eagerly went off in search of the perfect venue! We had a few options that we really liked but they either weren’t available or fell through. The clock was ticking and we had to make… Read More »

10 Reasons You Want GCUC in Your Town

Posted on by Liz Elam in Conference, GCUC USA 2016

How about $700,000? In 2016, GCUC USA will have an estimated 400 attendees that will inject over $700,00 into your city’s economy. Booking accommodations, eating, drinking and Ubering all over the place! Attracts people from around the world. Coworkers travel from all around the world to come to our conference, creating a unique diversity of visitors in your city. Attract more coworking operators to your city. Astound us with your awesome city and maybe we’ll expand there or move our… Read More »

GCUC (It’s Pronounced Juicy) Is Coming To South America!

Posted on August 1, 2015 by Liz Elam in Coworking

In Lisbon, by the time I attended the Coworking Europe Conference in last November, I used to have breakfast every other bakery. Every one was an amazing surprise. Actually I decided to use Airbnb. Beside paying less, every time is an opportunity to make new friends from everywhere - hard to do at hotels - and try new “pasteis de belem” a portuguese delicacy, at different bakeries each day. In one morning, I chose the bakery beside “Cinema São Jorge”… Read More »